Those of you who have noticed my response on Metamorphose regarding the downtime are aware our host suffered some major database issues a few days back. Since it really affected hundreds of sites, we simply had to wait our turn for our database to be restored. After they uploaded a backup of all the tables, it took three hours more to rename them all to bring the site back online.

No content should be missing. Files themselves were unaffected, it was only the database that tells the software wear those files have been stored that was affected, but if you spot something that isn't working right or seems to be missing, please post the issue on the Feedback board near the bottom of the Forum.

In response to so much speculation regarding the downtime and the support of more than a few members thus far, a Yahoo group has been created as a means to post the status of the Haven whenever it may be offline. Registration is required. Each account will be screened to verify your age shows on your Yahoo profile as being over 18 since the group ties into an adult site. Any message sent through the group must be approved by a moderator. You can find the group at Rachel's Haven Mailing List

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