As many of you are well aware, TF Media is shutting down. This has left some individuals scrambling for other possible venues to post their work to a receptive audience. I want to say this for all right now.

Every creator looking for a new venue to post the work they placed on TF Media is welcome here. Each will be granted immediate Gallery privileges after sending me a link to their TF Media profile. This offer applies to captioners and story writers alike.

It's not easy for a lot of people to share the kinds of things we as a community enjoy, and when another popular forum for creative content and discussion shuts down I believe it's important to make sure those that have stepped up there know they are welcome in other places, that even if the place they enjoyed contributing to has gone there are still others who enjoy what they do, who are willing to welcome them to a new home with open arms and acknowledge what they have done before.

My best to TF Guy in his recent life changes!
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