I haz gone through the code and adapted the Trade Preference application and Links applications to the new manner in which the forum addresses  authentication.  Ow... that hurts the head of this simple blondie... long story with more syllables than I can handle on a nummy cookie hangover, they are fully operational again!  **cue bunny trumpets**


So, if you need to update your trading prefs or add you prefs, you can do it now!  If you have a new trading folder that was created after the application went boom, just ask an admin to create your profile in the Trading Preferences app and you can fill it out.  This gives everyone the ability to not just view your prefs but makes your prefs searchable in case a cap creator has a specific style of cap they are looking for a recipient for.

 Also, the Links program should be fully functional for those of you that maintain the links.

 **pant puff pant puff** Whew, that more words than I haz said in like 32.1 trazillion years without a cookie break.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Embarrased



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