The news isn't grand.

For those unaware, Rachel had a full body MRI last week. Today we learned not only has the ovarian tumor gotten worse but they also have reason to believe another tumor is forming in her breast. It is believed this is again the ovarian cancer migrating to the breast as it's known to do. In order to confirm that diagnosis Rachel will be having a mammogram next week and a biopsy has been scheduled for the following week in case the mammogram confirms the existence of a tumor.

As for treatment the only decision made thus far is surgery to remove as much of the tumors as possible again while checking for signs they metastasized. She's still lacking confidence in her oncologist and hoping to find a way to visit at least one of the specialty clinics, but after nine months we have not been able to make the trip happen financially. Research has led to several options to help with travel expenses once she's receiving treatment, but on a first visit it's considered to be in the diagnosis stage and all options leave the costs fully on the patient.

Understandably her spirit is a bit broken at the moment, even though she was expecting this. Over the past month I've beefed up the Amazon Wishlist a bit for anyone looking to try to put a smile on her face. As always, there's always gift cards (gas cards for Chevron/Texaco/Arco/Shell/Valero, Safeway, Best Buy, Kohls, Barnes and Noble, Target, or to let her choose something or even just help us redirect some funds from something like groceries to getting her treatment. Gas cards may even be used for the travel expenses directly.

If you want her to carry a reminder that you're with her in this battle, you may want to consider sending an addition for her charm bracelet. The bracelet goes to every doctor's appointment, every blood draw, every chemotherapy, every hospitalization. The one time we forgot it she made me turn around so we could get it even though it meant we were late checking in.

I'll try working out alternative ways to send funds if anyone would like to help with travel expenses. For right now though there's always the standard Haven donation options. In addition, anyone can purchase a gift certificate on Haven Bookworks. Ballpark based on her research last year when she started exploring her options I'd say the first trip may likely cost around $1500 for travel related expenses to 1 clinic and $2500 for the other.

Haven Options

1. Take your pick of methods by clicking here for electronic options and click here for mail.

2. Let Emily know the transaction is meant for treatment related costs via PM.


1. Scroll to the bottom and click the 'Gift Certificates' link, or click here to bring it up.

2. Fill out the form as you like. I recommend using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as the recipient. Hit 'Continue'.

3. Proceed through checkout. To my knowledge it should not require registration if the only thing you have in your cart is a Gift Certificate.

4. Let Emily know the transaction is meant for treatment related costs via PM by sending the transaction ID.
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