Anyone who has taken a peek at the Gallery since it came back online has likely already noticed it looks dramatically different. In the next few weeks the majority of the site will follow.

What does this mean exactly? It means security as outdated software is upgraded to current versions. It means functions you may have considered vital or convenient may disappear for a period of time or permanently, it all depends on what will or won't cooperate with the upgraded software. And while we will likely lose functions here and there, others will be gained.

Though software will be changed out quickly as can be there will be unavoidable downtime in the future as things are changed out; both in order to have a solid backup of affected systems before each upgrade and to ensure said upgrade progresses as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Due to the speed we must undertake this everything won't quite be polished. This means the appearance you see the site take over the next few weeks is not likely to be it's final appearance for this new build.

There will be bugs. There will be kinks. More than likely many will take some time to resolve with me dealing with the challenges life has thrown my way. I appreciate your patience in advance.
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