Rachel's Haven is now operating on a secured domain, that's what the little "s" in https stands for. Likely you also see a little padlock icon now when you visit the site. However, some are having issues that can mostly be solved by doing the following:

1. Clear your Browser's Cache

2. Delete Rachel's Haven cookies from your browser. There are three of them and should be named rh-forum, rh-gallery, and rh-library. Everyone will have rh-forum, but you will only have the other two if you have visited those sections

Had to add the again part as this is actually the second time the Awards database has had to be redone from scratch. The heroine of the day is none other than Jezebel, who wrapped her hands around the data she was given, recreated each past award in the system, then came back through and reassigned them to everyone who had ever had one. Now if you think that's a small job let me just say that at the time the rebuild was started we had created more than 255 individual awards which were assigned to 828 accounts, some with several awards.

So, if you're happy to see your award restored don't forget to tell Jinny how awesome she is!

Those using tablets and smartphones can again use the site with the complete menu without having part of the site cutoff from view. With that said there are further plans to be implemented regarding mobile browsers, but for the time being things are working as expected in that they are similar to the previous software. A 'responsive' version will come in the future.

When you have a forced deadline, no time for help, and barely enough time to do the necessary task you just have to take care of the basic needs.

While the appearance is definitely far from perfect it is at least functional for the time being.

In addition, though the Library is still currently offline when it does return to service it will not be connected to the member database. What does that mean? Well, you can try to log in all you like, but you will keep getting messages about how there is no such account. Unfortunately this is something we could no longer avoid due to the timeline given by our host to upgrade specific software or have the site disabled.

The good news is the software in question is now done for. The bad news is after 12 hours at the keyboard and 30 hours awake I am calling it a day. So have fun, enjoy poking around, just remember there's more to come in the next few months.

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