Venatus (Cindy's Haven from 02/05/11 to 02/12/11) is an outspoken woman eager to keep smiles on the faces of those around her by doing her best to keep this site (among other haunts I bet) a positive, safe environment for us all. Her generous nature has helped others to find peace themselves.
In an effort to help fill the Haven coffers, retrofitted captions are being offered up for donations! If you find a cap or several that really appeal to you, pictures and/or names can be changed in order to make something personalized for you. There are over 800 captions to check out. Click here and help out!
Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn's Haven 01/29/11 to 02/05/11) kept me talking during some of my trying days, even is the first person to answer that question that's blown up since (see Rachel for a Month). To top it off she even made the effort to send me a birthday card, and more recently help me have underwear again!
BimboJessica (Jessica's Haven from 01/15/11 to 01/22/11) is an individual who made it her mission to make sure I (and by association Emily) spent a lot of time smiling, especially through the summer. She's awesome!
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