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So I'm a few days late posting this as the anniversary for the site passed on the 3rd, but life came first and it took me some time to write this. So without further delay....

All in all, the past year was quiet for the site, just not for it's creator. This year we saw proof of just how much of a community actually exists here, as people have come together to do what they can to help a few souls in need, myself included. I can't say how grateful I am for this as a recipient or how proud I am to watch as this community strives to help it's own. Until this year I thought the Haven was just a place for like minded individuals, but you've all shown me otherwise this year. The Haven is more than that for many.

In the coming year we will likely see quite a few changes to the site, among them the way images will be posted. We like to think it will be easier, but I think we're all biased as well. We will be likely changing our Forum software to a different version, and when we do there will be a weeks notice prior to the downtime needed to change the software. Rest assured we won't just suddenly have the site go down because it was time, you'll know.

So, my head going into sleep mode, I leave you with the current site stats.

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Hej hej, it’s Martha asking for a favour … or rather asking if you want to do something nice to someone.

The „someone“ I’m talking about is our member „Unnamedprayer“ with the name Maren. Some of you may have already exchanged caps with her or read one of her comments, and maybe some of you read her posts about her accident that changed her life.

She was hit by a car while riding the bike and it turned out to be much worse than we all and I thought at first. I exchanged some private messages with her and she told me that the wheelchair is not only a temporary thing. Most parts of her body seem to be paralysed. This, in addition to her memory loss and already hard way to ‚recovery‘, is really one oft he worst changes to someone’s life I can imagine.

I know there are probably many others who have suffered from something bad in their life, but now that I and you all know about her fate I thought: Why not trying to make her smile. It won’t change anything, but it may help her forget the bad changes to her for some time.

I can only speak for myself, but I’m a very active person and suddenly not being able to walk anymore would be one of the worst things that could happen to me. The idea of having to be inside most of the time and not being able to do so many things anymore is really horrible to me. WHile I’m 99,9 % of the time in a very happy and good mood, this is something that would get me depressed and therefore I think that any distraction, even when it only comes from our small community, may help. Maybe you agree with me.

So, why not making her a little cap she may enjoy. You could say that you do this because of her very bad accident that caused the memory loss etc. you read about in her folder. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that.


Post scriptum: If anyone wants to write her the cap in German (she forgot big parts of her English knowledge due to the 1 month coma) I’m willing to translate it.

Ok I tried to send a PM to everyone but it keeps crashing so I will post here... sorry if you got this in PM already.  and luckily, after Rachel dismembered me for asking for help before... she left one arm so I can still type this *giggle*

Things never quite go as we plan.  Rachel was supposed to be done with her cancer treatment by now, but with the doctors adding more treatment sessions, and a personal family emergency pushing the schedule back even farther.  Rachel is finally down to her last two treatments.  One on Wednesday and the last one three weeks after... So THANK GOD her ordeal will be over in 4 weeks.

The delays have had an unfortunate side effect.  The gracious donations from the members here have, with their big hearts, helped her pay bills and fund her recovery for the duration... but because of the delays... she has fallen a month short.

This will be my last time beseeching you wonderful Havenettes to aid our fearless leader in the darkest time of her life.  If anyone can find in in their hearts to make a monetary donation to help out for this final month, I would forever be grateful.  Any amount will help...  you can make PayPal donations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As I have said before... Rachel has had our backs for so many years, I feel it is just our turn to show that we have hers. 

As this will be the last time I will request this sacrifice from you, since Rachel will complete her dismembering job on me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Embarrased


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