Ok I know I have done a couple of fundraisers for Rachel recently, but neither of them are as important as this one.

As most of you know, Rachel has cancer and has been through a few operations to get to the point where they can start treating her with Chemo.  In the interim, other things conspired against her... she lost her job among other things.

Which has caused a huge financial burden on her at a time where it is most needed.  Paying for her treatment has drained what funds she has and with no paycheck coming in until he treatment is done in 18 weeks, she doesn't have the ability to pay bills, Haven hosting and basic necessities like food.

She is too proud to ask for help... I don't think she understands just how much she is appreciated by her friends and all of us at the Haven who she gave a safe haven for us to express a part of our lives we cannot share with everyone.  I personally owe her so much for making this place and I will do whatever I can financially and emotionally to help her out.

So this is the most important fund raiser I have ever spearheaded for Rachel and the Haven.  I am asking for donations to help Rachel out financially in this most challenging point in her life... I want to prove to her that she has the support, backing and love of the Havenettes and that we have her back like she has had our backs all theses years.  Make donations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... any amount will be a huge help.

And Rachel, before you boil me in oil for posting this... shut up, sit down and just bask in the love from the Haven.


P.S. I will be handing out post credits to anyone who donates or even says words of encouragement in this topic.  Dementia and ShySteffie and PlayinPetra have also offered to make special captions for the most generous people.

The May Contest is already the biggest Haven caption contest ever and there’s a long way to go. This month’s theme is LOL-styled caps and Motivational posters. Check it out. The simple yet witty format of this style of captioning allows everyone to get involved. Go check it out here and get involved! 

We had a massive turn out for the February cap contest despite it being a short month. Lot’s of really creative entries, 42 all together. Check it out here and vote before the 28th!

All done!!! This was a much larger undertaking than anticipated, but everything is where it should be. Much thanks goes to Courtney and Steffie for their support in this project. To see our most illustrious award winner, go here. Argus is one of our most talented senior members. If you have your own TG web site or blog, say something! We’d like to update our link section with it as well as to place a Haven Laureate award in your profile. Want to start building your own trophy case? Enter the monthly contest! Awards are given out monthly to the two best captions as voted on the members.

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