There’s still a day or two left to enter the January 2010 Caption Contest!  Go check it out and get involved!

Voting for the December contest is going on now!  Check out this month’s collection of contest caps. Click here for the contest board and go vote!  The January contest will be ready soon so get ready.  Make a New Year’s resolution to make a cap!

Also, if you have any ideas for future contests themes, please send me a message. I’ve looked at previous contests and have tried to do something different with the exception of Halloween (since that’s the best day of the year). I feel like the monthly themes have been played out, so I’d like to either find a creative twist or do something entirely different. For example, for March and St. Patrick’s Day, the only cap requirement is that it features a redhead. But, that’s where I’m going so help me out!

I really wanted to get a different type of vibe going this year for the November Contest. Of all the things that happen in November, the one that is the most stressful for the biggest amount of people is BLACK FRIDAY !!! Whether it is someone working that day, shopping that day, trying to find parking, or bemoaning the capitalist dogma inherent in the modern age ... there is much in the way of chaos and excitement on that day. (for those not in the know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where all the retailers hope tons of people will show up at 6am or earlier to get big bargains on Christmas gifts. It 'officially' kicks off the Christmas shopping season.)

Have fun transforming shoppers, workers or co-workers, bosses, sales clerks, family members, etc ... in malls, parking lots, online shopping at home, service desks and layaway departments, or even those annoying greeters ... enjoy and revel in the anarchy that is ... BLACK FRIDAY!!

For all the official rules and things of that nature, see the following link:


Well, another year has passed and the Haven is stronger than ever!

This year, we combated  an attack by hackers quickly and efficiently, having the site back online within 36 hours of the initial attack. We rolled out custom software to make Caption Trading and Links Navigation simpler and more user friendly thanks to Bren, Dementia, and Courtney. We saw the beginning of a new baby in Cassandra's Coliseum and a continuation of the Save the Work Project that included the work of Donnie, to which we are currently the only site I'm aware of authorized to post his entire collection.

Several improvements for the site are currently under development, most of which will replace software I only ever tolerated. As the work is still ongoing, I'll only state now that these projects will only make the site more user friendly, more stable, and less likely to be hacked.

The following are the site statistics as of 1 pm PDT on October 2, 2009:

Member Statistics

Total Members: 3702

Total Registered: 16100

Average Registrations per Day: 14.73

Forum Stats

Total Posts: 199177

Total Topics: 24956

Total Boards: 405

Average Posts per Day: 187.05

Average Topics per Day: 23.34

Gallery Stats

Image: 81420

Albums: 4186

Categories: 236

Comments: 18375

Library Stats

Stories: 66
Chapters: 121
Word count: 749513
Authors: 38
Reviews: 118
Reviewers: 66
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