.....and it was! All previously MIA Forum threads, ESPECIALLY the MIA Trading Area caps should have magically reappeared with the wave of my magic wand. Yes, I am that awesome!

If you happen to notice you're still missing something, please let me know.

As many have already noticed, we are experiencing issues with several boards on the Forum, mostly in the Trading and Contest sections of the site. We are currently working to diagnose and repair the problem.

Let me also assure you the topics still do exist, I have been able to pull them up through direct links, for some reason the boards are not properly loading.

You may have noticed a handy new button on the main menu, courtesy of Bren and Courtney. Bren had this wonderful idea to try to make it easier to do a few things:

A) Find the preferences of the person you want to cap

B) Find the person who's preferences match the amazing pic you found

C) Find someone with similar preferences to yourself

Well, with the help of a friend, she made it happen! Now we have her to thank for our simple new Trading Preference database! If you preferences are not already loaded and you have a Trading Gallery, please feel free to add them! For support questions, please contact Bren or Courtney.

Great work ladies!

The site may experience a short downtime tonight as our host will be physically moving servers. We may or may not see the site go offline, and word is if it does it will last no longer than an hour.
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