Recently, my Staff has been receiving numerous messages from members who can't figure out why they can't access the Gallery, and all it tells them is 'Gallery Access Denied'. 

PLEASE check the site's policies BEFORE sending such a message. If you do, you'll notice that your participation is required for the privilege of viewing the work of those who have offered their contributions.

For more information, please review the Community Policies listed in the Forum.

Due to emergency repairs being made to the building housing the servers, our host will be losing power from February 24, at 11:15 pm PST. They plan to have power restored around 4 am PST. The site will be unavailable during that time.

Earlier today, you may have noticed you couldn't access the site.This was due to our sudden surge in traffic, our host assumed the site was under attack, and disabled the site in order to keep the rest of their service active! The problem has been corrected, and I have informed them that the traffic was expected.

After months of work preparing this site, it's finally time to take it to the public!

To commemorate the 1 year Anniversary of my own very first caption, Rachel's Haven is now open to all as of February 23, 2007! Invite your friends, post links to us, and let your dreams become your reality!

Rachel's Haven - NOW OPEN!

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